We are GaragesNear.me

We want to make car & garage owners lives just a little bit easier

Founded in 2017, GaragesNear.me is a service and tech company that makes the car servicing so easy that your grandmother could do it. Currently we are active with garages in Reading, Slough, Maidenhead & High Wycombe. Fully UK coverage in early 2020.

We are  team of car mechanics, MOT inspectors, automotive specialists, software development professionals and car enthusiasts.

We believe that owning a car should be a joy and not a hassle. We also believe that the quality garages deserve more work. We are working to ensure GaragesNear.me continues to provide an end to end experience to our drivers and garages.

If you have any thoughts about how we can improve our service, contact us!

employees based across the UK & Finland
garages are currently live on GaragesNear.me
minutes saved searching Google
seconds to book a service on our platform