What is GaragesNear.me?

We want to make car & garage owners' lives just a little bit easier

Founded in 2017, GaragesNear.me is a service and tech company that aspires makes car servicing so easy that your grandmother could do it. We are constantly seeking to expand to new locations with an already widespread garage coverage around the UK.

We are team of car mechanics, MOT inspectors, automotive specialists, software development professionals and car enthusiasts.

" I'm proud of everything we have achieved with our team.
For consumers, GaragesNear.me is a completely new way of buying car services, with better transparency and trust. For garages, this does away with a ton of headache, allowing the staff to focus on the workshop and provide excellent customer service.
The best part is that we're in constant healthy contact with consumers and garage owners to develop the product further. "

— Heikki, CEO
— Heikki, CEO

Our belief is that car ownership should be a joy, not a hassle. We also believe that quality garages deserve more work. Our team is working to ensure GaragesNear.me is the best solution to provide an end to end experience for drivers and garages.

If you are a garage owner looking for more business, a car owner hoping your nearby garages were easier to book with or someone with the next great idea to make our service better, don't hesitate to contact us!